The Seaside Village of Yzerfontein      
  The town of Yzerfontein hides many hidden gems in the form of cozy restaurants and picturesque shops. Accommodation is plentiful and ranges from a caravan park to intimate guest houses and luxurious beach houses. The close-knit community welcome visitors with open arms and works all year round to preserve the natural beauty of their surroundings. Situated just off the R27, it is within close proximity of Darling, !Khwa ttu San Culture and Education Centre, West Coast National Park and the West Coast Fossil Park, it’s the perfect choice for a quick getaway.   Yzerfontein is peppered with green belts that preserve the indigenous flora and fauna of the town, that will keep any birdwatcher or nature enthusiast entertained. The town is carpeted with yellow and white flowers during the spring; and ostriches, mongooses and dassies can be seen walking freely throughout the town. Between July and January whales and dolphins frolic in the bay. The town also boasts the famous 16 Mile Beach, the longest uninterrupted beach on the South African coastline. Schaap Island and Main Beach are the main surfing hot spots and embody a surfer’s or windsurfer’s paradise.  
  Yzerfontein dates back to 1732 when a Dutch settlement first sprung up, and was officially declared a town in 1937. Today you can still admire what remains of the original settlements, such as the two historic lime kilns, the old Vishuis or any of the other numerous historical sites that Yzerfontein has to offer.   The history of the town and the strong bond the residents have with nature merge to create a quaint and tranquil atmosphere that is unique to Yzerfontein. So whether you’re searching for a peaceful stretch of beach to cast your fishing line or an idyllic place to escape to, Yzerfontein caters for a variety of tastes and preferences.  

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